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A New Model to Target the "4 Cs" of Learning

  The “Four Cs” are established goals for learning in today’s world.  Creativity Critical Thinking Collaboration  Communication Schools around the world strive to foster these traits in students. Companies seek out individuals who can excel at these skills to lead their teams.  Despite the often cited disconnect between the world of business and academia, the Four Cs represent one area where there is solid agreement.  Organizations such as the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and Common Sense Education rightly tout these as a gold standard for what learning can be. Unfortunately, given the recent massive shift to online learning, the current model of watching videos (or listening to lectures), followed up with a quiz provides ample evidence of where our current online learning models are falling short.  Online learning falls short The Huddle Up platform represents a very different type of online learning experience. A platform that specifically targets the Four Cs by providing a

Why Huddle Up?

The "Why Huddle Up?" question is closely tied to "Why did we build Huddle Up?". And, it's a great place to start. In short, we're tired of online learning models that consist of boring videos with an occasional quiz. That's outdated learning. It's not relevant or engaging.  And, it's doing a disservice to any individual who has had to endure it... and the companies and schools that expect (and need) so much more.  Unlike that model of learning, we created Huddle Up because we believe the best learning comes when 1. Learners are involved in trying to create and share solutions, not memorize facts 2. Learners actively give feedback to one another, to improve each user's solution. 3. Real learning is not demonstrated by what you know. It is demonstrated by what you can do with what you know - and how your application of knowledge is judged by others. As educators ourselves, we sought to create a very different kind of learning platform that was

Do. Learn. Together. Welcome to Huddle Up Learning

We're excited to be launching our blog along side our patented interactive learning platform.   Huddle Up Learning consists of two foundational beliefs. 1) Interactive, social learning focused on solutions lets us make meaning together. 2) We learn from and with feedback. Those two principles are also embodied here in our Huddle Up community. So, we're glad you're here - where we learn from and with one another, and feel free to give us feedback on how you're using the Huddle Up platform to creatively solve problems. Stay tuned. We're just getting started. We look forward to what we can build, together. Derek Luebbe CEO,  Jetlag Learning, creators of Huddle Up Learning