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To Foster Creativity, Let's Rethink Our Model

Who's more creative? Author Tom Wujec tells us in his TED talk, “Build a Tower, Build a Team”, The Marshmallow Challenge : a collaborative task where team members are asked to build the tallest structure possible out of a select group of materials. He reveals that out of all the various age groups tested, kindergarteners are typically the most successful, outperforming most post-grad students in both structure height and creativity.  Younger children have a more unhindered thought process, one that isn’t limited by past experiences and fear of suggesting something too radical. As Toffler Associates describes*, when the kids are able to think for themselves at their own pace, “they are inclined to develop completely fresh solutions to a central problem”; they approach it as interdisciplinary, “not linear and results focused”.  As I touched on in my last post, the “Four C’s” are the ideal 21st century blueprint for teaching our students and for hiring employees who add value. Compan