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What is Interactive PBL (Problem-Based Learning)?

  W hat is Interactive PBL (Problem-Based Learning)? Over the past few weeks, I’ve had more than a few conversations about PBL, and the opportunities for taking the next steps to build upon existing PBL practices. But first, let’s clarify what we mean by PBL. And let’s start by sharing what it is not. 1. PBL is not “Learning About _____” (a topic) Unfortunately, most of our formal learning experiences, whether they’re in an academic or work-related setting, are structured around “learning about” a given topic. This usually consists of: Inputs: lectures, videos, PPTs, readings, etc. Outputs that demonstrate comprehension: quizzes, summaries, opinions about _____, In this theoretical model, we learn to think about subjects and recall facts ; we don’t learn to think like scientists, historians, digital marketers, etc.  It’s broadly agreed that we should strive for more authentic learning experiences. 2. PBL is authentic, purposeful learning (For the purposes of this article, although Pro