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Huddle Up gets a new look!

We launched a beautiful new site! We added new features, fine-tuned some details, and gave everything a fresh new look.   Stay tuned for more exciting things coming from the Huddle Up team. We look forward to building something special, together. -Derek Luebbe, Founder/CEO 

Moving Online Learning Forward

Online learning - and our collective thoughts about it -  has evolved dramatically in the last year. Creating and sharing engaging content online has been a difficulty experienced everywhere. The content hasn't changed, but our difficulty in engaging with it in an effective way online has certainly posed its fair share of challenges. "Good content is the first step. But the next step involves those conversations and interactions you have with others to illuminate the content and help you remember it.” - June Ahn, Ph.D In the article  Adapting to the (Not So) New Age of Computer Learning  Kayt Sukel shares some of these difficulties and how to engage learning in a virtual environment.  “Unfortunately, online instruction isn’t as simple as throwing a textbook online—and, in my opinion, online education platforms have focused too much on just putting content up online,” - June Ahn, Ph.D Likewise, feedback is integral to an effective learning environment. In another excellent blo

[VIDEO] Huddle Up Founder chats with Mortar Learning

Our founder Derek Luebbe sat down with Barry Baxter from Mortar Learning to discuss Huddle Up and how we’re transforming online learning.  Derek discusses the origin of Huddle Up and what drove him to create a platform that goes beyond the video and quiz model. Check out a walkthrough of the site, what makes Huddle Up so different, and how Huddle Up is transforming online learning for individuals and organizations.  Watch the full video below:  Huddle Up is changing the way we think about online learning by creating an interactive, engaging, and purposeful experience. Huddle Up moves beyond passive videos and quizzes, as learners apply their knowledge to create solutions in a collaborative platform that leverages quantifiable feedback to improve learning.