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Connecting Applicants in New Ways at Iowa State University

Navigating the Transfer Maze Iowa State University's Tim Hauber is the Assistant Director of Transfer Recruitment. He knows the Iowa State transfer process inside and out - including the pain points that some students experience. Navigating the transfer process - credits, requirements, programs, and non-academic logistics - can be a daunting task for individual students often working in isolation. These barriers result in lost enrollment and bumpy transfers into Iowa State programs where additional courses might be needed. Hauber shares: It [the transfer process] is not always easy for students to understand. We know that creating smoother transfer pathways will not only increase our transfer enrollment, but truly help more of our students once they arrive at Iowa State in successfully attaining their degree. Building Connection and Community Around Shared Goals To help solve the problem, Tim and his Admissions Graduate Assistant Claire Waletzki are partnering with their largest