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Version 1.1 - Your Feedback helped shape our site

Many thanks to so many of our colleagues and visionaries who shared feedback with us over the past few weeks to help us improve Huddle Up. We're thrilled to say we just released version 1.1 and added the following improvements. Streamline the "Join a Project" process. (It's now a one-click experience) Adding a customizable rubric so that Project Leaders can foster peer evaluation by editing the criteria and descriptors. Minimizing text and adding video submissions. User notifications to alert each participant of incoming feedback or direct messages. A revised Project Homepage to track progress of the cohort collectively, and strengthen each team member's accountability. A Sandbox Project is added to each new user's Dashboard allowing exploration of the platform.  We've created two videos to give you a glimpse of our new release for 2022. Like what you see? Have additional ideas or questions? Schedule a demo with one of our team to learn more. Huddle Up: O

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The Evolution of Online Learning: Four Stages and What's Next?

The pandemic has made everyone far more knowledgeable about online learning platforms than they were 24 months ago. We each know (and feel) the strengths and the limitations of more than a few platforms.  We each have a long and growing list of features we want to see in the next evolution of online learning.  So, it seems a rather good time to step back and explore the evolution of online learning - to see how far we've come, and where we might be heading. One of the best resources out there is a simple progression chart shared in this intriguing article by Tiago Forte. The Future of Education is Community: The Rise of Cohort-Based Courses The evolution of online learning: What's next? We love big-picture reflections like this. While we are all aware of the current disconnect that still exists between the reality of our online learning platforms and the skills and knowledge we want to transfer to learners, we can all agree that the evolution above represents some significant a

Huddle Up CEO Derek Luebbe a featured guest on International Schools Podcast

  Listen our Huddle Up Founder, Derek Luebbe share his thoughts on online learning during this December edition of the International School Podcast hosted by Dan Taylor . In it Derek share the genesis of what started Huddle Up Learning. " I became frustrated with online learning being so isolating and so focused on videos and quizze s" ... and so he decided to " build a more interactive, solution-focused platform ." Listen to the full discussion here.

[VIDEO] Huddle Up is transforming the way teams collaborate and learn!

Huddle Up is transforming the way teams collaborate and learn through structured sharing of ideas and feedback. Find out how by watching the video below. 

[VIDEO] Huddle Up's Derek Luebbe chats with Motivated Learning!

 Our Founder and CEO Derek Luebbe sat down with Buddy Broyles from Motivated Learning to discuss how Huddle Up is bringing solution-focused and feedback-based learning to help teams teach, train, and collaborate better, together.  Check out the full video here! Derek discusses how "it's really difficult to move the needle" on the skills learners need for tomorrow. Better learning takes place through engagement, collaboration, and peer feedback. This mantra is easy to repeat, but how do we incorporate this with our teams and classrooms?  Huddle Up is moving this theory into action. Check it out here at

We're Running Faster, But It's The Wrong Race

It's clear that the pandemic has changed our entire outlook on online learning. Certainly, online learning is an essential part of what we do - but recent experiences shed light on the problems that exist within it. Online learning, as it exists today, has had a rough time of it.  (This article has minor edits since it was published in  Ed Tech Digest .) We found frustrated, isolated students. We found instructors working increased hours in order to maintain a sense of a classroom community and develop the higher-order skills that could be practiced far more often in our face-to-face environments. Throughout the pandemic, the missing pieces in our online learning were far more apparent. Our earlier infatuation soured; it became apparent we needed more.  Initially, we embraced the efficiency of online education. It delivered learning to many. Yet, that efficiency is a two-edged sword. It  simply helped us run the wrong race a whole lot faster. We took learning recall (having stude

Huddle Up with Entrepreneurs

There is a need in the current landscape of Entrepreneurship Education for meaningful, real-world collaboration and problem-solving.  "At this point, it’s clear that entrepreneurship education, as it’s currently practiced, does not work," says Andrew Yang in his article critiquing Entrepreneurship Education.  We need to reimagine the current state of Entrepreneurship Education to be "action-based, not knowledge-based."  Yang continues by relating the study of Entrepreneurship to "an athletic endeavor, like serving a tennis ball.  Telling you how to do it is useless.  You actually get better through a combination of practice, coaching, and repetitions."  Along with the need for hands-on, real-world training, more students than ever are interested in starting their own businesses.  "With student interest in new business creation on the rise, the future for higher education is likely to be far brighter than it seems. Research shows that, in the heart of