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Engagement is the key... and how to get it.

  We're all about engagement and connections. And, we happened to come across this article written by the folks at Lambda Solutions that not only speaks to the importance of engagement but also some solid strategies that our Project Leaders can take to ensure they are maximizing engagement. Specifically, they identify 7 strategies. You can read the full article here . 1. Set Clear, Achievable, and Measurable Learning Objectives 2. Create Interactive Content 3. Use Gamification 4. Individualize Programming 5. Analyze Learner Behaviour 6. Keep Modules Short 7. Use Notifications While the 7 strategies above all apply to the traditional (passive) online learning models, many of them are equally applicable within the Huddle Up platform as well - and we encourage our Project Leaders to seek out ways to implement them within the interactive cohorts that share ideas and feedback within Huddle Up. How do we at Huddle Up view engagement?  We agree that there are strategies that can make tra

Meet Jill Sculerati : Interactive Online Learning in IB Biology using Punnett Squares

With 21 years of teaching experience, Jill Sculerati has planned her fair share of science lessons. Over her last seven years teaching IB Biology she's wrestled with how to help students critically think about one of the foundational elements of her course - the Punnett Square.  Filling them out was usually a fairly easy task for students to complete, but deeper applications such as predicting pedigree charts proved to be much more difficult. Punnett Squares help predict genotypes . Students can usually complete the Square without many problems. But it's hard for them to really analyze and see the applications of what these results might mean in more complex real-world cases to predict the probability of specific diseases or traits.   - Jill Sculerati, IB Biology Teacher While this problem has been a consistent challenge for Jill, it has grown within the current environment of COVID and online learning.  Jill has always strived to have her students 1) apply content and 2) learn

Version 1.1 - Your Feedback helped shape our site

Many thanks to so many of our colleagues and visionaries who shared feedback with us over the past few weeks to help us improve Huddle Up. We're thrilled to say we just released version 1.1 and added the following improvements. Streamline the "Join a Project" process. (It's now a one-click experience) Adding a customizable rubric so that Project Leaders can foster peer evaluation by editing the criteria and descriptors. Minimizing text and adding video submissions. User notifications to alert each participant of incoming feedback or direct messages. A revised Project Homepage to track progress of the cohort collectively, and strengthen each team member's accountability. A Sandbox Project is added to each new user's Dashboard allowing exploration of the platform.  We've created two videos to give you a glimpse of our new release for 2022. Like what you see? Have additional ideas or questions? Schedule a demo with one of our team to learn more. Huddle Up: O

Huddle Up CEO Derek Luebbe a featured guest on International Schools Podcast

  Listen our Huddle Up Founder, Derek Luebbe share his thoughts on online learning during this December edition of the International School Podcast hosted by Dan Taylor . In it Derek share the genesis of what started Huddle Up Learning. " I became frustrated with online learning being so isolating and so focused on videos and quizze s" ... and so he decided to " build a more interactive, solution-focused platform ." Listen to the full discussion here.