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Huddle Up: A Getting Started Guide for Users

Welcome to Huddle Up! This guide is to help Huddle Up Users get started. If you wish to learn more general information about Huddle Up, click here . If you are a potential Huddle Up Project Leader seeking to create your own interactive experience, we made a separate Getting Started Guide linked here . Your Interactive Platform We transform the way cohorts collaborate and learn by focusing on shared ideas and feedback  to build a more connected online community. CONTENTS OF THIS GUIDE Joining a Project User Dashboard General Overview How does Huddle Up work? How do I share ideas? How do I give and receive feedback? The Basics A "Ready" - Receive Information A "Run" - Take Action A "Huddle" - Give Feedback Communicating and Interacting within Huddle Up JOINING A PROJECT Join a project in two simple steps: Register. Click the link provided by the Project Leader. 1. Registering on Huddle Up: If you have a Google account, register with one click. Otherwise,

Huddle Up: A Getting Started Guide for Project Leaders

Welcome to Huddle Up! This guide is to help Huddle Up Project Leaders get started. If you don't find the information you want below, e mail us or schedule a meeting with our team. If you wish to learn more general information about Huddle Up, click here . If you wish to join a project as a Huddle Up participant, click here . Your Interactive Platform We transform the way cohorts collaborate and learn by focusing on shared ideas and feedback  to build a more connected online community. CONTENTS OF THE GUIDE Registering on Huddle Up Creating a Project Inviting Users to Join Your Project Setting Up and Running Your Project General Overview Adding / Adjusting Content to your Project   Add a Ready Add a Run Add a Huddle Communicating and Interacting within Huddle Up REGISTERING ON HUDDLE UP If you have a Google account, register in just one click. Otherwise, create an account with any email and password combination. You will receive a confirmation email, pl

Huddle Up Announces Partnership with Prepare 4 VC

Today Huddle Up Learning , an online platform focused on collaborative cohort-based learning, announced their partnership with Prepare 4 VC , a Boston-based accelerator group founded in 2016 that assists budding entrepreneurs in the early stages of their startup. This partnership aims to add value to Prepare 4 VC’s entrepreneurial cohorts, while giving both companies in-roads into innovating the growing incubator and accelerator market This partnership highlights the belief of both organizations that a cohort focused on shared solutions and feedback is a meaningful way to help make learning more purposeful and simultaneously build relationships. New entrepreneurs are seeking more collaborative online environments where they can both receive and give critical feedback as they work through the start-up process. Prepare 4 VC’s team provides the expertise and tools to develop entrepreneurs’ professional skills. Huddle Up supports this process by providing an organized way for the entrepr

Huddle Up Signs Two New Agreements

 We're excited to announce two new collaborative agreements.   We're happy to be working with: Jerry Luftman , Founder and CEO of the Global Institute of IT Management  Founder and CEO Jason Kraus (and his entire team) at Prepare4VC We'll have more to share about each of these agreements in the near future, and we look forward to building positive, long-term relationships with each of these organizations. Stay tuned.

3 Questions to Plan Engaging Interactive Experiences

 We recently received a great question from a Project Leader. (Thanks Mike.) How can I set up the most effective Huddle Up Project?   He had recently read an earlier post we shared entitled Engagement is the key... an how to get it . In essence, there was some disconnect between that post and the ideas were were discussing. The question was a great one because we were talking about related - but different - environments.  The earlier post referred to all online activities while our tips were specific to creating an engaging Huddle Up Challenge - the backbone of the Huddle Up Project. So, we decided to share a post to show the relationship between the lists.  Helpful Tips Below, we've shared some videos and examples to add more context.  Care for some examples? Lastly, it's always helpful to see a few examples of Challenges in the context of our three questions. To what degree will this challenge allow each learner to create a unique solution? Will learners benefit from seeing

Join our PBL Idea Exchange: Assessments in PBL

We're excited to announce three new cohorts open to educators wanting to improve their practice around creating Authentic Assessments within PBL units. These are collaborative learning experiences - and best of all, they're free!  Share practices, including resources from Jay Mctighe ,  PBL Works , and Project ARC Users share lesson plans based on best practice. Users exchange feedback to help each other (and the cohort) improve. Each cohort is limited to 20 participants.  Learn more about what makes the PBL Idea Exchange an innovative way that cohorts can collaborate and learn together.  Interested in joining? You can learn more details about joining a cohort here or  by clicking the image.  These cohorts are the first part of an innovative experiment we call the Idea Exchange Projects.  You can learn more about our Idea Exchange concept here.

Transforming The Way Cohorts Collaborate and Learn

Recently, our Huddle Up team has been having a debate about the cohorts we serve. One Platform: Resources. Ideas. Feedback. Data. Do we strive to transform the way online cohorts collaborate and learn? Or, to transform the way cohorts collaborate and learn?  In short, does the interaction and data shared within Huddle Up's platform allow cohorts to have more productive virtual and face-to-face meetings? We'd like to think "yes". But ultimately, time (and data!) will tell -  as Project Leaders continue to find innovate use-cases. In the last few weeks, we've created a few helpful videos to showcase the Huddle Up model. We hope they shed light on the big potential we see for how to help cohorts be more connected, engaged, and accountable to each other by focusing on ideas and feedback. If you're looking for more specific Huddle Up resources, check out our information for Project Leaders or for Participants/Learners . Interested in learning more about Huddle

A New Spin on Student Peer and Self Assessments

Step into IB MYP Teacher Mike Nicholaides' 7th Grade Individuals and Societies classroom and it's a little louder than most. You'll often find students partnered up or in groups exchanging ideas on work.  He's a fan of having students construct their own meaning. Usually this means a good deal of peer and self evaluation to monitor progress and foster growth along the way. In his current unit on Globalization, he's asking students to create a visual representations of how different resources move throughout the world - and prioritize the importance that each of these exchanges had on the impact of the era. Each student has their role and the entire picture contributes to the whole. it's a project that takes a few days to materialize. To really understand the complex concept of globalization, it's important that students are able to easily see multiple perspectives. And, they need to receive a variety of ideas from these other perspectives.  Like any project,