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Is Huddle Up The Right Fit? Comparison Chart

We often have conversations from those looking to innovate learning. They want to learn more about Huddle Up to see if it's the right fit for their organization. We summarized a few of the important differences to help outline the difference. Take a look. We'd love to hear from you.   Contact us to let us know what you think. Is Huddle Up The Best Fit For You? Below, we have provided a quick comparison. You can also learn more about how L&D innovators and educators are using Huddle Up to engage their teams in collaborative experiences. What are your beliefs around organizational learning? Huddle Up can do these…  but it’s best suited for  →  Fully Leverage The Huddle Up Model PASSIVE LEARNERS Users complete tasks and demonstrate success by passing quizzes, summarizing, and completing comprehension exercises. LEARNERS TAKE ACTION Learners apply knowledge and skills in creative ways that demonstrate success if solutions are deemed high quality by their peers and experts.