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Building Shared Accountability into Learning Experiences

We all agree on the power of social learning. If teams are going to improve, they need to improve together. Yet, we continually hear of three problems within online learning experiences. 1. Accountability: Learners struggle to complete learning/training modules. Why are people disengaged and dropping out?   2. Implementation: There is a gap between training (learning) and action. How can I improve the ROI from our training efforts?   Why is it that those who complete learning experiences struggle to take action and apply their learning?   3. Community: Learning is usually set up as an isolating experience supplemented by Zoom or face-to-face meetings to try to share - which seldom provide the time and space to give a voice to each learner and provide deeper, more actionable sharing and feedback. How can I create experiences that help turn my teams into Communities of Practice where they interact, collaborate, and learn from each other? These 3 problems are related. Take a look at wh