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GIIM & Huddle Up Learning Sign Affiliation Agreement

We are thrilled to announce our recent affiliation agreement below. A copy of the press release is shared below. More importantly, we are excited to be working with Jerry and the GIIM team to deliver an innovative learning alternative for their programs.



Global Institute for IT Management (GIIM) and Huddle Up Learning Sign Affiliation Agreement



Today, the Global Institute for IT Management (GIIM) and Huddle Up Learning announced an affiliation aimed to support GIIMs online/blended courses with an interactive delivery platform.


The agreement adds value to both organizations.

GIIM is an established global provider of IT management education programs leading to certification in the topics of business, IT, and leadership. Huddle Up Learning is a newly launched online platform aiming to transform the way that online cohorts collaborate and learn by focusing on shared ideas and feedback. The agreement gives GIIM faculty an additional alternative delivery model for GIIM blended courses.


“We have world class content delivered globally by academic and business experts who understand the local context. We’re excited to add Huddle Up as a delivery alternative for our programs as it provides our faculty and candidates/students an option that we didn’t have before,” added GIIM Managing Director, Jerry Luftman Ph.D. “We know that there is a growing demand for candidates to collaborate and apply their learning by sharing solutions and receiving feedback. Huddle Up provides us with an option to do more asynchronous/blended collaboration and helps us replace much of the work that we previously could only do by holding live meetings. We’re excited to offer this alternative to our affiliates to strengthen our pedagogy and boost our course enrollment.”



Huddle Up CEO and Founder Derek Luebbe expressed his enthusiasm with the agreement as well.  “Dr. Luftman and the GIIM team have successfully delivered online courses and certificates with a catalog of over 150 courses to a worldwide audience. We’re pleased to extend our reach, and support GIIM’s goals along the way. Ultimately, we want to add value to GIIM candidates who are looking for more of an online collaborative community focused on solutions and real world applications.



Additional information about both companies can be found below.







Based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, with a global footprint, GIIM ( ) collaborates with its affiliates in delivering  full degrees, certifications, postgraduate diplomas, and customized just-in-time workshops & seminars, with its robust portfolio of 35 4-course digital management education certificates (over 150 40-hour courses) for IT & non-IT professionals.


Based in Hendersonville, NC Huddle Up Learning ( transforms the way cohorts collaborate and learn by focusing on shared solutions and feedback to build a more interactive, connected online community.


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